Belay Me Buckos! Are you foolhardy enough to want to sail in a pirate fleet on the high seas? Or even the high streets?

Then bring your scurviest seadogs where stout hearts, adventurous spirits and fair play are positively NOT WANTED. At the drop of an eyepatch you will be party to a map pertaining to a certain Captain Kidd’s treature – and it’s all there for the findin’ and it be all there for the takin’!

But beware! Between here and the booty lies a voyage of choppy challenges, a tangled rigging of riddles, a tempest of terrible task and hopefully no more alliteration…

Your group will be divided into rival crews who are pitted against each other under the watchful glass eye of the Pirate King, the arbiter and judge on the voyage.

So, what are ye waiting for? Join us on this sea salty journey of betrayal, hard tack and mutiny, where only the meanest and biggest crew of pirates will survive the ordeal!

No previous experience required. Seasick pills optional. Ooh, arghh!

  • Start from Tower Hill Tube

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