Murder on the Move

Find the murderer before they find you…!

‘Murder on the Move’ is exactly what it says… a role playing murder mystery event which takes place on the move around London.

In the capable hands of Scotland Yard’s Inspector Dirk ‘Avenger’ Quirke, you will be looking out for fiendishly hidden and visual clues hoping that you get to the killer before the killer gets to you!

Anyone in the group could be the murderer. Each one is assigned a character. The hunt includes pub stops to enable all the suspects to get to know one another and discover clues that may lead to the murderer.

But don’t forget, while you are solving the crime the killer among you is trying to increase the body count!

This hunt is tremendous fun and gives everyone the chance to be part of a murder mystery drama. Your assumed characters need no costume, just a little imagination – Oscar winning performances are not required.

‘Murder on the Move’ has to be limited to about twenty five people. This hunt makes a great team building or corporate event, it’s a great ice-breaker and a guaranteed fun night out.

The hunt takes 2.5 – 3 hours

  • Starting from Temple Tube

Please contact us to make a booking