Welcome to Bigfoot Treasure Hunts. As a small enthusiastic company we have a unique hands on approach to our treasure hunts. Our hand picked routes weave through hidden parts of London and are led by experienced and entertaining leaders.

We have chosen a variety of treasure hunts to appeal a wide spectrum of social and corporate groups. So whether you enjoy following a trail of Golden Envelopes or being a Suspect in a Murder Mystery, a Spy from MI6, a Pirate or one of The Doctor’s companions, we have treasure hunts to suit everyone.

In addition, our professional leaders, if requested, can tell you some of the fascinating history behind the hidden parts of our city which you will uncover en route.

Learn more about our Prices, read some FAQs, see some of our Previous Clients or read some of our client Testimonials. If you would like to arrange your own Treasure Hunt, please contact us.