How To Tell Ghostly Tales!

It’s funny isn’t it, that come Christmas thoughts turn to ghost stories and gothic murders..? Perhaps it’s because the cold and long dark nights draw everyone around the fire (or radiator) and stories are told.. talking of which.. how do you tell a ghost story? I’ve now lead hundreds of ghost tours so here are a few hints -

a) ..have a good story and adapt it to the surroundings ‘and he used to sit in the chair over there..’ OR you can produce a prop – a cursed glove / bus ticket etc..

b) speak a bit slower and draw your audience into the tale

c) ..imagine the story as you are telling it – if you believe it everyone else will

d) now you’re ready for the surprise ending.. I love stories to have a twist at the end – pulling the rug from under an audience & leaving them just hanging – OR a ghost story can end in a jolt – a shout, scream or noise will do nicely..

e) Don’t be afraid (sic) of using humour – this can delight and temporarily relieve the atmosphere – think Hammer / Hitchcock – too much horror & mayhem can ultimately become rather depressing, & dark – keep it entertaining..

Happy Haunting!



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