Christmas Humbug?! Not if Dickens Is Here..!

When Christmas looms on the horizon I think, what would Dickens do?

The Winter chill does bring to mind a London Christmas and the Dickensian festivities that we all associate
with it. Warm glowing fires in warm glowing pubs, the company of jolly larger-than-life characters.
But isn’t all this Dickens stuff a myth? Can we experience a Dickens Christmas in 2012?
Certainly Dickens himself practised what he preached – his own Christmas parties were famous –
games played until the early hours fuelled by plenty of wine, his own strong punch and a table groaning with food.

Is there any chance of recreating that golden era when telly is the god, and we face spending it with
fractious relations and Latvian lager from the local corner shop?

The answer is not a simple one. Yes, there are historic pubs that can conjure up the Scrooge era. I can
think of ‘Ye Olds Cheshire Cheese’ off Fleet St – ‘The Mitre’ in Hatton Garden – ‘The Lamb’ in Lambs Conduit Street.
I also love the pubs along the river, whether ‘The Dove’ in Hammersmith or the ‘Town of Ramsgate’ in Wapping.
All have that ‘Dickens was here’ feel about them.

However, you may have got the venue right but what about the company?

Perhaps the answer is simply that a home grown Christmas is best. Good company can be created by a welcoming
cosy atmosphere, games anyone can play – and a strong punch helps!

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