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God Bless America! And Espionage..

I’ve been organising a ‘James Bond’ Adventure Event around Mayfair for an upmarket American Tour Company called Tauck. Everyone seems to have a really good time but I’m amazed that most people know so little about our fictional (or as Sean would say fic-shonal) hero. As they spot photo clues, they also meet two ‘Secret Agents’ along the way.. one of them is me (trying to look mysterious..!?) and the other is the glamorous ‘Agent 999′- a deadly Russian beauty all the way from Crouch End..
I get them to sing three Bond Themes – you’d think it would be easy 20 odd movies later – but the most popular ones are still ‘Goldfinger’ ‘Live & Let Die’ and ‘Nobody Does it Better’ – you know the one from…?
Little do one of the teams know, but their group goes through a small park (Mount Gardens) by Guy Ritchies pub, where Russian spies did ‘drop’ secret information..
Let me know if you also want to join the world of espionage..go on, live and let live!

Shaken And Stirred! Bond is Back! This time.. in Mayfair..

You better believe it Mish Moneypenny!

I’ve devised a special Hunt for Bond fans and anyone who’s idea of a good night out is to be karate chopped in a restaurant or chased down the street by a missile launching helicopter!

I divide the group into teams representing the CIA, MI5, KGB & the STASI – they race each other around glamorous Mayfair – completing challenges along the way – until they find Bonds Arch Nemisis Blowfelds secret location!

The winning team can boast of their Spy Superiority – a Must for every Bond Girl or Boy

The Hunt begins and ends at Green Park Tube..