Londoncentric? Who? Moi?!

All of Bigfoot’s Hunts are London-centric simply because I love London! Especially the quirky and trivial side of the Capital. It has also became a dimension I like to add to the Hunts – a bit of useless information always appeals, especially when it’s connected to an area a group thinks it knows well. For instance, when we start at the Monument, did you know that the columns height is an odd 202ft because that is the exact distance from where the Great Fire started..? Or that in Mayfair, one of the hunts goes past the house where, the Dandy, Beau Brummel, used to polish his boots with champagne! In Covent Garden, the Bow Street Police Station had to change its traditional blue lights to white ones by order of Queen Vic’s herself!… By the Savoy, cars are permitted to drive on the wrong side of the road…

I’ll add further titbits for trivia sensation seekers in future blogs..

Happy hunting


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