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New Hunt: The Tardis Trail

Aliens have arrived on Earth. They have planted a bomb which, if detonated, would blanket the Earth with Alien Spores. The Doctor cannot be reached but he knows where the detonator is. Who will reach it in time? Problem: The Aliens have taken human form and are already among us. The Doctor’s Companions must dismantle the detonator before the Aliens. Who will get there first? Join the race to save the Earth – if you dare!

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Londoncentric? Who? Moi?!

All of Bigfoot’s Hunts are London-centric simply because I love London! Especially the quirky and trivial side of the Capital. It has also became a dimension I like to add to the Hunts – a bit of useless information always appeals, especially when it’s connected to an area a group thinks it knows well. For instance, when we start at the Monument, did you know that the columns height is an odd 202ft because that is the exact distance from where the Great Fire started..? Or that in Mayfair, one of the hunts goes past the house where, the Dandy, Beau Brummel, used to polish his boots with champagne! In Covent Garden, the Bow Street Police Station had to change its traditional blue lights to white ones by order of Queen Vic’s herself!… By the Savoy, cars are permitted to drive on the wrong side of the road…

I’ll add further titbits for trivia sensation seekers in future blogs..

Happy hunting


By Public Demand – Murders Every Fortnight!

Coming soon..

I’m really looking forward to organising regular ‘Murder On The Move’ events which will be on a first come first serve basis.

I will be dressed up as the intrepid Inspector Quirk who will greet the group at the designated Tube Station. The Inspector will hand out ‘character cards’ to each of the group. Then the fun begins..the group have now become suspects in a hideous Murder Mystery! One of the group is the killer and can strike again! The Inspector leads the group to locations the suspects may recognise, and pub to pub so the characters have the chance to get to know one another and deduce who the killer might be.. all will be revealed, but it may be too late for some..!

Saturday Day Fever

A Great Time was had by all last Saturday when my friends, RSVP Social group, had to find pre-planted black envelopes along a route around the Thames..

St Pauls, the Wobbly Bridge, the Globe, then time for a breather in the 17th century Anchor Pub where the teams got their heads around a Trivia London Quiz. Refreshed, it was off for the final leg (or more!) and the search for the Golden Envelope. We’d played some games along the way including a crackers eating competition and finding the Queens bottom (yes, really), visual clues had been spotted, now it was time to add up the accumulated points..because, after all, points mean prizes!

The winning team were cheered and held aloft in triumph (OK, the ‘held aloft’ bit I made up) and then a frenzy of choclatey prizes were shared around..

Bigfoot Goes Live!

Up Up and Away! The New Improved Bigfoot Treasure Hunt Company Website is now ready for Take off! Passengers who require flights of imagination will be taken to unknown parts of deepest London in search of elusive envelopes, visual clues & plenty of fun and games.. Welcome!